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1. Delivery standard of affordable housing

the delivery standard of affordable housing is mainly judged from the written acceptance and on-site acceptance of the house

standard 1: written acceptance

1. The developer should show the most important "two books" when the house is handed over: the "residential quality assurance certificate" and the "residential use manual", and the buyer must see these two books to inspect the house

2. Check the measured data of the housing area by the professional surveying and mapping unit, and compare the previous data to see if there is any discrepancy. If the discrepancy is large, the buyer can refuse to sign the housing delivery agreement, and then sign it after the problem is solved

3. Property buyers must ask the developers to provide the completion acceptance record form, which is an important certificate to ask the developers to compensate for the quality problems of the house in the future

standard 2: on site acceptance

1. Check whether the house type and structure are the same as the original drawing to avoid developers changing houses privately

2. Check whether the quality of the house meets the national standards or conforms to the contract

3. Whether the supporting facilities are installed according to the contract requirements and whether the materials are qualified

experts remind citizens that when purchasing affordable housing, they need to carefully check and accept it. After meeting the delivery standards of affordable housing, they can sign a delivery agreement with the developer

2 affordable housing delivery procedures

the delivery procedures of affordable housing have the following four steps:

first, wait for the developer's delivery notice. Generally, after the completion of the housing project, the developer will notify the buyer in writing to go to the new house for on-site acceptance at the agreed time

then, before the house inspection, check the "residential quality guarantee" and "residential operation manual" of the house. If the developer refuses to show it, the buyer has the right to refuse the house inspection

next, house inspection. This is a link that buyers must pay attention to. The buyer shall check one by one according to the house requirements agreed in the previous purchase contract. If there are no problems, you can sign for the house. If there are quality problems, you should truthfully record those problems, and ask the developer to repair them as soon as possible

finally, sign the delivery agreement. Carefully review the contents of the agreement. If there are unfair terms, they can be re negotiated with the developer. Before signing the agreement, the buyer must get the house delivery acceptance certificate. If there is no acceptance certificate, he refuses to sign for it

3 precautions for affordable housing delivery

1. Generally, before the house inspection, the buyer does not need to pay any fees or sign documents. If the developer requires, the buyer should ask the developer to show relevant vouchers, otherwise it can be rejected

2. The quality problems found in the house inspection must be written in detail on the delivery acceptance form, and the buyer had better attach his own ideas, and should also ask the developer to propose solutions, sign and seal

3. Check the file. Property buyers should check the following documents:

construction project completion filing form

"two books" -- "residential quality assurance certificate" and "residential operation manual"





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