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Shanghai has entered the plum rain season. The air humidity is quite high, making people feel stuffy and difficult to breathe. However, for people who are decorating their homes, the trouble is more than that

paint the waterproof part of the road

the basic principle in plum rain season is not to paint. The first is wood products. Due to the high humidity and heavy water vapor in rainy days, if wood products are painted, it is easy to wrap the water vapor inside, and the surface of wood products will be muddy or white. The second is painting the wall, and the consequences are more serious. As putty is usually applied before painting, cracks and other phenomena will be caused if there is water vapor on the wall

buy materials road rain proof

if you choose to buy plates in rainy days, you must pay attention to rain proof. Especially some materials that are easy to absorb moisture, such as wood, gypsum board, etc. If it is wet by rain during transportation, the surface is easy to retain water, and the high humidity in the air is very easy to cause material deformation

paving the floor to prevent moisture

it is generally not recommended to pave the floor in plum rain season, mainly for fear that the underground moisture cannot volatilize in time. If the keel moisture content is high, it is easy to cause moisture storage. Once in winter, the moisture in the floor is absorbed by the dry air, which is easy to cause the floor to deform or increase the gap

does it mean that the plum rain period must be stopped? Of course not. Since many families signed contracts with decoration companies at the beginning of construction to agree on the construction period, no one is willing to bear the risk of breach of contract. In fact, as long as we pay attention to the interference of moisture on the decoration project during the plum rain period, some projects can be carried out, such as laying wires, making door and window covers, and laying composite floors. In this way, we can not only avoid the weak points of decoration during the plum rain period, but also complete the project on time according to the contract, so as to truly achieve the decoration process and spend the plum rain period skillfully

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