Three precautions for New Year decoration

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As the Spring Festival approaches, many decoration workers are planning to return home. This makes Ms. Li, the owner, anxious. She found a guerrilla decoration through a friend's introduction. Originally, it was to be completed in December, but now the carpentry has not been completed, and the construction site is in a mess. I only have more than 2000 yuan of the final payment, but I can contact their person in charge to catch up, and they are always perfunctory. Ms. yuan worried that after the new year, the guerrillas would not be found

the Lunar New Year holiday, the 15th day of the first month to resume work, decoration workers Spring Festival holiday for nearly a month. Decoration to cross the new year, Ms. yuan's worry how to solve? Will the project quality of the New Year decoration be affected by the rest period? The reporter made a special trip to interview insiders and sorted out three precautions for everyone

◆ if you can't catch up before the new year, choose the New Year decoration.

due to poor management and disputes, small enterprises and guerrillas may indeed stop business and run away in the next year. Shen Kaibao, President of Changsha construction and decoration industry association, said that owners can only urge workers to complete the project as soon as possible before the year, and pay attention to whether it is still in normal operation, so as to avoid and reduce losses. If you can't finish it before the new year, choose the New Year decoration

but if you look for formal and qualified large enterprises to decorate through formal channels, you don't have to worry too much about the problem of New Year decoration. No matter whether the workers of the company will change or not, the enterprise should be responsible for the decoration quality. Shen Kaibao said that the project managers of general home decoration enterprises also have a relatively stable relationship with construction workers, and there are few personnel changes

◆ make a plan and stop work after one stage.

my family will finish painting before the new year, and it's just right to let the paint dry during the Spring Festival. The owner Miss Zhang's home is also decorated over the new year, but she is not worried. The decoration company divides the decoration project into four stages: hydropower, masonry, carpentry and painting. Wang xuanren, director of Huizhi decoration operation, said that they would generally work with the owners to make a construction period plan before the year, and stop work after completing a phase of the project

if a project cannot be completed before the year, it is best to wait until the year after. Blind rush to work and short time will affect the quality of the project. Wang xuanren said that if the masonry stage is interrupted halfway, the ground may appear hollowing, uneven and other phenomena. At the same time, when applying putty in winter, the time of waiting for the putty to dry out will also be extended

◆ during the Spring Festival, attention should be paid to fire prevention at construction sites

now brand home decoration companies use materials suitable for winter and spring, and also have corresponding processes to deal with cross year decoration. Wang xuanren said that as long as the construction period is reasonably planned, the resumption of work across the year will not affect the quality of the project. However, in addition to the quality of the project, the owner should also pay attention to the safety of the construction site during the new year

Jiang Zhiyi, a senior foreman of a decoration group, said that some materials are often stored on the home decoration site. Before the shutdown, all construction sites should complete the installation of doors and windows, and close the doors and windows during the Spring Festival to avoid fireworks and firecrackers, which will cause a fire. At the same time, it is also necessary to close the main water valve to avoid pipe explosion and water leakage caused by water pipe icing




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