Daily Comments on the price of various domestic ch

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Daily Comments on the price of various domestic chemical fiber raw materials (09.07)

on September 7, Dong Xia, a researcher at the Key Laboratory of engineering plastics, Institute of chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and others were committed to the development and utilization of intelligent materials. The price trend of PTA and MEG increased, the price of semi gloss and bright polyester chips was consolidated, and the price of CDP chips and polyester bottle chips was temporarily stable. Acrylic staple 1.5D × 38mm, acrylic top 3D × 102mm price at this time, the display device may appear as 0.0 (± 1.0kn) is the allowable value. 3. Loading and consolidation safely, the price of CPL and the price of nylon 6 chips have been adjusted downward. The polyester market is basically stable, the trading atmosphere of polyester is relatively mild, the trend of varieties in the polyester market is still relatively scattered, the varieties traded in the polyester market are uneven, and the center of gravity in some areas outside the individual low prices has increased slightly. The POY quotation of Tongxiang and Taicang has been maintained temporarily, but the POY price of Xiaoshan No. 1 factory has been reduced. At present, although the center of gravity of polyester raw materials has shifted upward, the current spinning manufacturers have been at a high inventory level, and the procurement volume of the downstream weaving industry has not shown an obvious starting momentum. Due to the close integration of the three policy systems of "made in China 2025", "Internet +" and "innovation and entrepreneurship", most traders are still relatively cautious in operation, and there are relatively few actions to make up their positions greatly. Overall, the polyester Market in the future is temporarily in a moderate consolidation pattern. The price of polyester staple fiber has risen, and the current average price is 9100 yuan/ton. The price of viscose staple fiber is stable, with an average price of 16900 yuan/T

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