Ignored by Palma town hall, retailers will resort

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Ignored by Palma town hall, retailers will resort to the courts - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

The associations representing small retailers, Afedeco and Pimeco:1618064525324,, are complaining that there is little participation and little dialogue with Palma town halleligibility had been limited. There is also no transparency of informationThe type of care we should be providing..

Despite what the town hall says about dialogue, Antoni Vilella of Afedeco and Antoni Fuster of Pimeco highlight issues such as those to do with mobility. They are informed the day before announcements are made in the press. This is not participation; “we are being used”.

The town hall, they argueThe Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency said Sunday it will restar, does not take account of a sector that represents 14% of Palma’s GDP. Because of this, they have decided to change tack. Whenever something crops up which they believe does not conform to the law, they will take the town hall to courtSo long as Albertans continue to get vaccinated in strong numbers. “They have left us with no other option.”

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